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BBS is an integrated marketing agency able to provide innovative and cost-effective marketing solutions for your business. The team at BBS will become your marketer and brand ambassador all rolled into one, constantly seeking new channels to promote your product or service.

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Marketing Services

  • Website Design & Maintenance

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    With years of experience of being let down by web designers we’ve now brought the service in house! BBS provide you with an affordable supported solution walking you through the process every step of the way (design, content, navigation, analytics / monitoring and updating) and because we understand marketing you can be sure that you will have a website delivered on time, one you can be proud of and that’s fit for purpose.

  • Marketing Delivery

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    Whether you are targeting existing, new or lapsed clients with BBS you can have your very own marketing manager without the additional costs. Whether looking at strategy, print design, branding, or web development BBS can help. Working with you to define and segment your key audience BBS will help to identify the best method of communication.

  • Marketing Consultancy

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    Advice and guidance on all things marketing related. Helping you find the answers to all your business growth questions to develop and deliver an effective marketing strategy

  • Digital Marketing

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    If you want to build your business through digital marketing, let us help define your audience, message and find the right channel for you . Let us guide you through the minefield of the ever changing landscape of digital media: facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest

  • Email Marketing

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    Email marketing is a cost effective, personalised and targeted form of marketing which can be easily measured and managed. BBS can help you understand how and why email marketing works, whilst helping you to improve open rates and click thru’s.

  • Social Media Marketing

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    Let BBS manage your outbound messaging on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We are highly skilled in social media marketing and understand that it’s a 24/7 business. Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, generate additional sales or simply want to grab some online attention, we can help you achieve this.

Case Studies

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Marketing Clients

  • Speakeasy
  • Rospest
  • Fishpool Pharmacy
  • FATE
  • Phil Corns Architectural Services
  • Caswell Engineering
  • TetraMap UK
  • Meet Telford & Shopshire