Qualitative & Quantitative Research

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Research is an important first step before undertaking any key marketing tasks. With in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience of both quantitative and qualitative research, BBS offers a friendly yet professional bespoke service enabling companies to obtain reliable, statistical results from their target market.

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Qualitative & Quantitative Research Services

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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    BBS has invested in specialist survey software enabling us to produce surveys for use online, face to face or over the telephone. When creating surveys, we spend time considering the questions to ensure that the results will provide meaningful data to the client.

  • Focus Groups

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    Whether it is a brand new idea/product or a review/revamp of existing, focus groups are the ideal way to collate ideas, perceptions, beliefs and opinions.

  • Surveys

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    Face-to-face research is a popular way of collating opinions. The team BBS is highly experienced in conducting face to face surveys make sure a rounded and unbiased opinion is

  • Mystery Shopping

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    Over the past few years, mystery shopping has become increasingly popular. We now work with a number of clients and we not only carry out mystery shopping exercises for them, but we devise individual mystery shopping plans catered specifically for individual clients. We understand the importance of delivering excellent customer service and therefore not only do we identify any training needs, but we also highlight any strengths.

  • Product Testing

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    Product testing is a great way to collate opinions/ beliefs about your product whether this is from your existing target audience or a potential new target audience. BBS can assist making sure you receive honest and independent feedback.

  • Telephone Research

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    Telephone research is an ideal way of gathering data whilst providing a comparatively low cost solution with a high response rate. BBS have experience of conducting telephone research with both consumers and business, UK and International.

Case Studies

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Qualitative & Quantitative Research Clients

  • North West Aerospace Alliance
  • University of Manchester
  • Bury Council
  • Chocolate Cafe
  • Nadler Hotels
  • University of Leeds
  • Old Trafford Lodge
  • Lancaster University